October Risk Roundup: Coalition + Attune: technology and insurance that go together like PB&J

by Steven Patrick Lynch.
The Risk Roundup is our weekly collection of curated content that relates to all things digital risk management. Members of the Coalition team have pulled together their favorite posts from the week that highlight relevant trends in cybersecurity and cyber insurance. Enjoy our TL;DR and useful snippets on topics we’re keeping a close eye on.

Coalition was founded with a mission to solve cyber risk. Our unique combination of insurance products, security expertise, and data has protected businesses large and small from emerging digital risks. This week, we welcomed Attune insurance, a technology-powered broker platform and managing general agency (MGA), to our Coalition. We’re excited to move forward, together, and build a future where technology can help businesses solve all kinds of risks.

1. Coalition welcomes Attune

Certain things go together well. The combination of the Coalition and Attune teams working to redefine insurance feels harmonious and exciting. Together, we can leverage data and technology to mitigate current and emerging risks and expand our insurance offerings to keep more businesses safe. We're like the peanut butter and jelly of insurance.  – Steven Lynch, Attune Insurance Marketing Manager

Our CEO Joshua Motta always says we are “1% of the way there” regarding solving cyber risk, and I feel like this is a significant step to increase that to 2%. Attune and Coalition will help companies navigate and mitigate their risk in ways that no other insurance companies can; I can’t wait to see it come to fruition. Rich Gatz, Claims Counsel

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2. Tracking in Google Chrome

I switched away from Chrome years ago. An oversight by a company that makes the vast majority of its money via advertising and consumer behavior tracking does not have a vested interest in protecting the privacy of its users. The incentives for Google do not align with a “privacy first” mindset.  – Scott Walsh, Senior Engineer

I use Firefox with a plugin called Cookie AutoDelete. Aside from releasing your ISP address (generally, you do this by rebooting your router) every once in a while, I think a combination of the right browser and plugin is sufficient for online privacy. Many people may become upset when they see how long sites have been tracking them. However, if you ever decide to inspect your cell phone traffic and notice all the software development kits (SDKs) that harvest your data, Chrome changes may seem less upsetting. – Jeremy Turner, Head of Threat Intelligence

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