Coalition Control is all-new for Coalition cyber insurance policyholders

by Will Andre.

We’re delighted to announce the general availability of our risk management platform, Coalition Control, for Coalition insurance policyholders. After soft launching at RSA 2021, we have since integrated dozens of hours of user feedback into creating the insurance industry’s leading experience for integrated security and cyber risk management, and we’re excited to bring these updates to our policyholders.

Starting today, all Coalition policyholders have access to Coalition Control with extended attack surface monitoring included free. Policyholders with existing, active online accounts can log in using their Coalition credentials here. Those without active accounts can sign up using their policyholder email address here. If you need help getting set up, please contact us at

Coalition Control is packed with enterprise-grade security features that are worth over $10,000 in annual value. Control’s attack surface monitoring exposes vulnerabilities to organizations in the same way threat actors see them and alerts the organization so they can remediate them before they can be exploited.

Focus on critical security alerts

We’ve redesigned the Control UI to bring critical security alerts to the top of the dashboard.  Control alerts the policyholder and designated security and IT team members via email whenever critical vulnerabilities are discovered on your infrastructure. When a vulnerability is present, click on the counter to see the list of individual alerts, then click again to drill down into our  recommendations for remediation.

Invite your security and IT teams

Ensure the right people inside your organization can get critical security alerts and access Coalition Control’s free attack surface monitoring. Click “Invite” in the top navigation to invite your security and IT teams to create an account within your organization. Then, if new critical vulnerabilities are discovered, Control notifies everyone on your team via email.

Download your Coalition Risk Assessment

The Coalition Risk Assessment (CRA) is a valuable report on the overall security posture of your organization. This comprehensive document is downloadable on-demand from inside Coalition Control, and it can be shared within your organization or its external partners such as managed service or security providers. Just click on the “Download Report” button at the top of every page to download the CRA for your organization. Every time we scan your organization, this report is updated, and the results are published for your review.

Monitor your supply chain for security risks

Coalition policyholders now get enterprise-grade attack surface monitoring not just for themselves but also for their suppliers, vendors, partners, and third-party service providers. This powerful feature enables organizations to monitor their supply chain for risks before they become threats. To add companies to your organization’s watchlist, click “Go to Watchlist” above your organization name. Then click the “Add a Company” button and enter the information for the organizations you wish to monitor. When critical vulnerabilities are identified on your watchlist organizations, you’ll receive email notifications.

Add domains to your organization

Organizations can now add unlimited domains to their organization for attack surface monitoring. As companies grow or acquire other businesses, their online footprint often changes shape as well, so we’ve enabled the addition and removal of additional domains to make sure your entire organization is scanned and monitored.

To add domains, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click “Manage Domains”
  • Click “Add Domains”

Fill out the information in the popup window and submit. Once verified, all domains (and IPs) associated with your organization will be scanned regularly.

Save on leading cybersecurity solutions

Coalition believes that cybersecurity is a team sport — that’s why we’ve developed partnerships with other leading cybersecurity companies to offer our policyholders exclusive savings on world-class security solutions. Access these offers from companies including SentinelOne, Okta, Malwarebytes, and more on the “Partner Technology” tab under the “Technology” menu.

Whether you are an organizational leader, a risk or finance professional, or a technical or security user, Coalition Control offers unmatched visibility into your organization’s risk profile and security posture. Naturally, we are incredibly excited to offer this valuable technology to our policyholders, and we encourage everyone to get set up on their Coalition Control accounts to take advantage of active monitoring of their organization right away.

Not a Coalition policyholder? Don’t worry, you can still sign up for our free attack surface monitoring plan using just your business email address here.